Next Markets Collaborative

Exploring how companies can support current and future end markets to create more demand for recycled materials.

SPC Team Lead
Ruth Maust
Dave McLain, Director of Sustainability, Printpack

Cherish Changala, VP Sustainability & Public Affairs, Revolution Plastics

This Collaborative’s mission is to work together to identify opportunities and best practices for using recycled content in durable goods and in packaging. The committee will develop partnerships, commitments and success strategies that members can implement inside their organization. We do this through:

  • Educating Committee members on the use of recycled content in products and packaging through presentations from members who have successfully used recycled content, as well as outside presenters.

  • Providing resources to empower members to make changes in their organizations, including case studies from past Committee presentations and companion tools and resources that members can use to implement recycled content strategies.

  • Supporting the development of the Recycled Material Standard (RMS) by providing feedback as requested by the RMS Executive Director  to inform the final scope and roll out.

2023 Meetings

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What is an End Market and Why is it Important?

End markets are a critical piece of the overall recovery system. They are the consumers of recycled packages and durable goods, turning our used plastic, paper, glass and metal into new packaging or other applications like construction materials, roads and streetscapes, and other durable products. Without an end market for a material, you can not call that material recyclable.  Everyone has a role to play in enabling strong end markets.

Manufacturers turn processed recyclable materials back into a product for sale

How Can Companies Support End Markets?

To support a strong recycling system, we must have strong end markets. So how can different players along the value chain, from retailers to NGOs to reprocessors, support end markets in their day-to-day operations?

How the value chain can support end markets


Slides and Recordings from Past Collaborative Meetings

See what we have learned on barriers, opportunities and key markets for recycled content.

This Guide supports brands and suppliers who are looking to incorporate recycled content in packaging. The Guide provides practical recommendations to inform strategy and decision making by outlining existing challenges, illuminating areas of opportunity, and dispelling myths about the use of recycled content.

This two-page handout describes each stage of the recycling system and how each of them feeds into end markets.

This worksheet was developed by ASTRX. This tool can be used to spark a discussion about how to make packaging more effective at navigating the recycling system and identify any areas where there is room for improvement, including end markets.

In 2018, the ASTRX conducted research about two key pieces of the recycling system: MRFs and reprocessors. ASTRX conducted a series of contextual interviews with MRFs and reprocessors in order to better understand what types of packaging consistently present problems for one or both pieces of the recycling system, and in turn, end markets. This research identifies areas where changes to packaging design or infrastructure could benefit the end-of-life outcomes for all packaging.

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Additional Projects & Tools to
Support End Markets